Alice Reads Help (ver 3.0)

To use Alice reads, please Select Text and Right Click the mouse for Menu.

Point cursor to Alice Reads and click on Read.

Recognizes many languages automatically.
ALT / stops and cancels all reading.
Can also use Context menu.
Use Context Menu to pause and resume reading
When you Read English Translation, it also copies to clipboard.

Alice Reads 4 Help

Alice Reads 4 Help.

Alice Writes Website/Program

Alice Writes Website/Program.

Practice Reads

Alice in Wonderland: Alice in Wonderland.

Through the Looking Glass: Through the Looking Glass.

Hunting of the Snark: Hunting of the Snark.

Error Handling & Compatibility

If Alice stops reading unexpectedly, choose Stop Reading, then Reaad again.

Alice Reads needs some puntuation within each 255 characters or she may stop reading.

If Alice fails to Resume after a Pause, then choose Stop Reading and then Read again.

Alice Read has different voices on a Mac.

Will only translate if LibreTranslate is loaded on computer.

This Chrome Extension does not yet work in Chrome on phones or Android tablets.